Cat House on the Kings

The Cat House on the Kings is California’s largest no-kill, no-cage, lifetime care cat sanctuary and adoption center. It was founded by Lynea Lattanzio in 1992 at her home on 12 acres along the Kings River in Parlier. We took Bridget to visit the cats as the finale for her special Caturday date with Rob and me, but we really had no idea what to expect. In fact Rob thought we were going to the Cat Haven until he was looking up directions and realized this was a different place. What we discovered was truly remarkable.

The Cat House on the Kings rescues nearly 2000 cats and arranges hundreds of adoptions each year. The entire property is thoroughly maintained to give the cats (and some dogs and peacocks) their best life. Each cat has a bed and the cats have the run of the main house and the beautiful grounds along the Kings River. The shelter spays and neuters all of its animals to ensure that the pet population only grows with rescues and not offspring.

When visiting you are able to walk around the entire facility, petting and feeding the cats at your leisure. The main house was full of cats basking by a warm fireplace. There is a senior center and kitten quarter, along with many other places for the cats and visitors to explore.

We visited mid-afternoon on a Saturday in late December. We were shocked at how many other human visitors were there! However, despite the crowded parking lot and kitten house the rest of the grounds are so large we only saw a couple people in passing here and there. Now, our little crazy cat lady, Miss Bridge loves cats but she also gets nervous when they are really friendly, so Rob and I spent much of our visit carrying her, but we still had a great time. Upon arrival, we were given a bag of cat treats and we were able to feed the cats as we pleased. Though I must say they were all so well fed, that most weren’t interested in what we had to offer. Our favorite part of the visit was exploring the backyard area of the main house and looking out at the Kings River while oodles of cats strolled around us. It was really cool.

This amazing 45 employee operation functions solely on donations. They accept donations in many forms but we chose to visit Cat House on the Kings Amazon wishlist and let Bridget pick out what she wanted to give to the cats.

The Cat House on the Kings is open daily for visitors from 1-4pm by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, call (559)638-0490.

If you are interested in adopting a cat or dog, you must submit an online application and schedule an appointment. They also have cats available for adoption at Whittie’s Pets in Fresno. We are not in the market for a new cat just yet, but when the time comes, we’ll be returning here to find our feline family member.

If you are a cat lover like we are, we highly recommend you take a visit out to the Cat House on the Kings. As always, thanks for reading! Leave us your thoughts in the comments. 😻

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