Gifts of Experience: Time with Mom and Dad

As we have been looking to gift the kids with activities and memories this holiday season it’s been easy with Kellan. He loves classes and is excited to learn pretty much anything… so this year he’s getting martial arts classes to learn how to be a ninja (and respect, self-control, and all of the other behaviors that come along with martial arts). Bridget, on the other hand, is a three year old that goes to preschool full-time. Another class didn’t seem right for her. And as a second child, we almost never have time with just her. So this year I’ve come up with a series of dates with mom and dad (and sometimes brother) that revolve around all of her favorite things! These activities are specific to her likings, but you’ll get the idea for how to create something unique and special for your special person. I’ve also attached the letters I created for each of her days to show one way to present the dates.

1. Pick a reasonable number of family dates and a time frame to complete them. For us, we decide to do six dates over the next half a year or so to not overwhelm our schedule but still do them quickly enough that Bridget doesn’t lose the excitement. The first date for us will be the Saturday after Christmas. From there on it’ll be about once a month.

2. Make a list of your recipients’ favorite things. Bridget’s list includes cats, Frozen, arts and crafts, the Sound of Music, cooking, and princesses.

3. Think of local activities, outings and restaurants that coordinate with the theme. Now I LOVE planning themed events but if that’s not your thing, keep it simple and keep focus on quality time with your person. However, if you are interested in some theme ideas, here’s what we’re doing:

4. Type or write them up and your gift is done! I’m going to put the envelopes throughout a new 2020 calendar for Bridget and then wrap it up and it’s ready to go! I can’t wait to share this with her on Christmas morning. ❤️

Merry Christmas and thanks for reading! I’d love to know what you think of this post or if you’ve done this type of gift of experience. Leave me a comment!