Fall Fun at Hillcrest Farms

Taking a trip out to Hillcrest Farms has become an annual fall tradition in our family. Though it’s a bit of a drive, the beautiful landscape and fall fun make the 40 minute drive from Fresno, well worth it!

The pumpkin patch and farm are open every weekend from 10am-5pm from September 28 to October 27. Hillcrest charges an entrance fee per carload. The first two weekends (Sept 28 & 29 and Oct 5 & 6) are $5 per car. The remaining weekends through October 27 are $10 per car. There are two parking lots: one above near the train and one below near the pumpkin patch. We have parked in both but have come to prefer the one above near the train.

Hiking down from the upper level parking lot, the kids love exploring the playhouse and castle.

This year we went on their opening weekend and it was fantastic! The crowds were light and the weather was perfect. We love the layout of Hillcrest and all of the fun little areas for the kids to explore and play at their own pace. Per Kellan’s request, we opted to “look around and see everything they have to do” before going on the main attraction – the train ride!

We have yet to take the hayride at Hillcrest because we always opt for the train… maybe next year!
Once we reached the lower level the kids literally bolted into the Corn Path (like a corn maze but with a clear entrance and exit.)

At the other end of the corn path lies the pumpkin patch. We often skip buying a pumpkin here because they’re a little pricey and we don’t really want to lug the pumpkins around on the rest of our visit, BUT they are quite lovely pumpkins and gourds of varying shapes and colors. We usually just play and explore around the patch as they have toy tractors and a fantastic old swing! Plus, this area provides photo ops galore!

The swing was a definite favorite this year!
They really do a awesome job displaying all of this Fall goodness.
The kids could have played in here for hours!
One of each, please!
The pumpkin truck is a photo favorite. Be aware that there are usually lots of families trying to get some pics here so be patient… the pics are worth the wait!

After spending sometime at the patch we hike on through a little barn tunnel onto the wobbly bridge. Be warned, this bridge is no joke! Hold on!

All of the little additions to the path around Hillcrest really make it feel like such an adventure!

And finally, after hiking full circle back to the upper level, it was time for the train ride!

When I took this photo I was focusing on Kellan waving to the approaching train. I just noticed Bridget covering her ears. The train whistle is loud and it bothered our kiddos more in years past, so do be prepared if your little is sensitive to noise.
The cousins were so excited to sit together on the train! They laughed the entire ride!
And Papa got the front row seat to watch all of his happy, lucky grandkiddos!
Beyond the train are a cool tree house and more fun train tools and toys to explore!

A morning at Hillcrest should definitely be on every Fresno-area family’s Fall Bucket lists! They also host events seasonally throughout the year, so checkout their website for all the info… or just keep following us because we’ll likely be visiting again soon! 😉

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