A Date in the Tower District

This past Saturday, Kel and I went on a mother-son date in the Tower District. We’ve done this one other time when he was much younger, but we’ll definitely be doing this more often. We do stuff together all of the time, but by calling it a “date” and with it just being the two of us, made it extra special. Kel also seemed more mature than I’ve seen him before because of this special attention.We started with lunch at Irene’s Cafe. This brought back lots of memories from when I lived in Tower years ago, and bringing Kel there now was just so fun and a bit surreal. (Man time flies, doesn’t it?) Kel is an outgoing kid, but I think being at lunch with just me boosted his confidence even more. The server asked what we’d like to drink and he assertively asked, “what do you have?” He then listened and told her exactly what he wanted. When it’s the whole family he is more inclined to let Mom or Dad order for him, so this was a great experience of self-sufficiency.Along with ordering his drink and meal, Kel also wanted to practice with his utensils MUCH more than we are eating at home.  He was excited to cut his pancakes with his own knife and he used his fork the entire meal… which NEVER happens at home!Along with this date being a great opportunity for Kel to practice his dining skills, we also had a really nice time.  Usually there is so much going on and I’m distracted by something at home or he is off playing, but this allowed me to focus solely on him. After we finished our lunch we made a stop at the Frosted Cakery.  We only do desserts for special occasions, and we decide this was definitely one of them!Would you look at those beautiful cupcakes?!?! They were beyond delicious and so fun!With our tummies full of treats, we walked back to Tower Theatre to watch the Shine! Theatre production of Charlotte’s Web the Musical. Side note: I love musical theater.  In high school I was very involved in drama and took part in many productions myself, but it has been a long time since I have even seen a stage production.  I was so excited to share this with Kel.  He has shown interest in the stage and I want to find ways to encourage that love whenever possible!  BUT live productions can be tricky with little ones, with the loud sounds and darkness, and need to be quiet, et cetera. Plus, so many productions have mature themes, so finding the right one is important too! When I saw that Charlotte’s Web was playing I was thrilled! We had just finished reading this book and he loved it!Tower Theatre is also such a cool and historic venue.  We enjoyed walking around and looking at all of the details of the beautiful theatre before the musical began.  There were lots of questions about the set crew, props, and the musicians as they warmed up backstage.  It was a great introduction to musical theatre.This was our first experience with a Shine! Theatre production so I had no idea what to expect.  The lobby was decorated in darling farm decor to go along with the production.  There also were lots of souvenirs and snacks in theme.  It was adorable and made it even more exciting for the kids.  AND the audience was full of children, so I was relieved that we would be okay even if we had a noisy or nervous moment.  The production itself was wonderful! It was a fun mix of actors and puppets and the cast was very talented and professional.  It was a standard length (nearly two hours) and all of the children I saw were engaged and enjoying themselves the entire show. It was a WONDERFUL experience!  The next Shine! Theatre production will be in December with Miracle of 34th Street, and if your kiddo wants to get involved on stage they have all kinds of fun opportunities coming this summer! When Kel is a little older we will definitely be looking into this.SO here are our takeaways: Irene’s is a classic diner with yummy food. The Frosted Cakery is the perfect stop for a decadent and delicious sweet treat. Shine! Theatre is a great way to introduce kids to the theatre. And most importantly, taking your child on a date is an incredible way to make them feel extra special and create some wonderful memories!

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