Oh so, so, so much fun this morning at Skywalk trampoline park. We had our first visit on Saturday for a dear friend’s birthday party. The kids had a great time but there were also a ton of people and we heard that during the week they designate a couple hours each morning just for littles… so we had to come back and check it out!

Pack: the bare necessities. Lockers are available for fifty cents or there are open cubbies to store your things.  When it was busy they were strict about not having anything in your pockets when jumping.
Parking: Free lot in front of warehouse and along the street.
Hours: Open 7 days a week but hours vary. Check here. (If you have little ones I highly recommend going M-F between 10am-12pm. Only kids 6 and under are allowed to jump.)
Cost: 1 hour ($10), 2 hours ($15), 6 and under M-F ($6) and one accompanying adult jumps for free! All jumpers must also purchase Grip socks ($3) *Can be used again on future visits.
Note: Everyone entering the trampoline arena must complete a waiver form. Save time by filling it out online.
The lobby area at the main entrance is great.  There are lots of couches to sit and put on your fabulous Grip socks or to hangout and rest between jumps.  There are also three party areas if you are looking for a birthday party venue.The course is made up of rows of interconnected trampolines, and pits full of foam blocks that you can jump into or attempt all kinds of obstacle course type challenges feeling safe knowing you’ll land on a fluffy pile of foam if you slip or lose your grip. (Be warned: once you’re in the foam pits it can be very challenging to get out… but if my mom and I can do it, you’ll be just fine!)
We seriously had the entire place to ourselves for about 30 minutes and then shared it with a dad and a little boy for the rest of the time. It was amazing! I asked the lady at the front desk if weekday mornings were ever busy and she said sometimes on Fridays. If you are ever free during the week I highly recommend this time to come.  The weekend was very busy. (I’d imagine that weather and school schedules also impact crowds.)

Gogo even joined in on the fun!

We aren’t a daredevil family but we still had a great time holding hands and taking the plunge.  I can only imagine the flips and acrobatics that occur off these ramps!
But seriously… climbing out of these pits is no joke.

I loved that my cautious Kel started taking more chances as the morning went on!

I think it is safe to say that we all had a really good time!

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