The Children’s Museum of the Sierra & Oakhurst Community Park

Let me start by saying, I love children’s museums. I love the creativity they inspire. I love the exploration that takes place. I love the problem solving and socialization that happen every time we go to a children’s museum. And the Children’s Museum of the Sierra was no exception. This mom and pop, community built museum is brimming with imagination and love for childhood creativity!

Pack: Nothing other than the essentials. Sunscreen & picnic if you go to the park.
Parking: free parking right outside
Hours: Tuesday – Saturday (10am – 4pm)
Cost: $6 per person, under 2 are free, $4 for 60+
Supervision: 1 adult per 4 children

We had a great time at the museum today with Gogo and our cousins!  I can’t begin to list all of the fun things that we got to enjoy, so I will let the pictures do most of the talking.A dino dig, large toy vehicles to climb all around, emergency vehicles, uniforms, and a fire pole! The kids were in make-believe heaven!This gravity wall was really cool! They had to place the boards in a pattern that would allow the ball to roll all the way down the path. They worked together and actually made a pattern that worked! It was awesome!In another section of the museum: A pizza restaurant, a kitchen, a theater, a bank!! And each area is full of things to play pretend, explore, and discover!On the far side of the museum there is a doctor’s office, a communications area (with an actual switch board from 1901), and the kids’ and my favorite… a bi-level play area with a pirate ship on the second level, and an under-the-sea area below.  There was even a black light to give the illusion of being underwater. (Somehow I didn’t get a picture of the pirate ship… you’ll just have to go and see for yourself!😉)

We took a little lunch break and decided we wanted to get outside and enjoy this beautiful day. (The museum does have a patio area with tables but we wanted something a little more spacious and scenic.)  We took Golden Oak Drive back the way we came in and then crossed to the other side of Road 426.  This other side of Golden Oak Drive takes you to the library and beyond the parking lot (free) there is a lovely footbridge that takes you to Oakhurst Community Park.  This was the perfect place for the kids to run around, play, and have a picnic.
*The wall all along the road to the library and park is painted with wonderful murals.  How cool is this one?!?This is a wonderful day trip or morning out on your way to Yosemite! We absolutely loved our day in Oakhurst!

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